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    Ep78: Syed Jafer, Co-Founder/CEO at Karachain - On building India's First Smart Contract enabled Blockchain

    Blockchain & Bitcoin are here to stay! I chat with Syed Jafar - The Co-founder & CEO at Karachain. They are building a new blockchain that is specifically focussed for developers So we talk all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts and they work. Syed talks about the cool products they made. And as we recorded this on Valentines Day we have some chat about love & romance! And now you can listen on Spotify. Just search for the Indian startup show.

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    Ep77: Pratiksha Gupta , ­Founder of 1SpecialPlace - On building India’s first Online Speech Therapy platform

    1 in 10 kids in India has speech difficulties. So today I chat with Pratiksha Gupta - the founder of 1SpecialPlace - India’s first online speech therapy platform. We talk about he she got started, how the platform works, she also talks about the key ingredients entrepreneurs should have, how she manages a remote team, having a supportive family, she also talks about moving 8 times in 10 years, looking for seed funding, taboos around speech difficulties, what excites her most about 2018! & some Shark Tank chat as well! and much more. Also, read my new post on medium on how to be a great podcast guest!!

    "1SpecialPlace was launched in 2014 by a team of co-founders including myself ( CEO ) and great talent from the IT industry - bearing the Fame of IIT and DCE(India) and experienced MBAs. I think without my Wonderful team we wouldn't have come so far at all. I am thankful to the co-founders of my team, the CTO ( who has selflessly toiled for hours altogether), the CFO ( whose Knowledge and expertise is unmatched) and the Strategist ( whose presence makes everything easy)" - Pratiksha Gupta, founder

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    Ep76: ­Dinesh Seemakurty , CEO of Stasis Labs - On creating a unique remote patient monitoring system for vulnerable patients in India

    While in an Indian hospital, CEO Dinesh Seemakurty witnessed a loved one pass away due to a lack of sufficient monitoring. He saw firsthand how the lack of medical technology impacts healthcare. Dinesh is now the co-founder & CEO of Statis Labs - A health tech startup that has created a unique remote patient monitoring system. Already in 20 hospitals in India and has saved many lives - so they are doing really well. We talk about how he got started, how the product works. Raising $5 million in funding. Dinesh also talks about what should first founders be focusing and a great book recommendation and much much more so please enjoy the show.

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    Ep75: ­Jinal Patel, Co-founder of WSquare - On building India's first ever co-working space, for only women

    I chat with Jinal Patel the co-founder of WSquare. A women-only co-working space in Chennai. Which is a first for India. We talk about how she got started, why she is doing this. Plans for the future which includes starting an incubator and creating a marketplace where home-based entrepreneurs can showcase their products & much much so please enjoy the show. And next week I will do a best of the Indian startup show featuring all the best moments from the past year, it’s not to be missed!

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    Ep74: Shyam Shah, Co-founder & CEO of Braille Me - On empowering the blind with a smart digital Braille E-reader

    India has 40 million blind people & only 10% are literate & 70% are unemployed because they don't have access to educational information.

    So today, I chat to Shyam Shah, the co-founder & CEO of Braille Me. it's a really impressive piece of hardware that plugs into mobile phones & computers to help the visually impaired access the internet and other digital content.

    In this episode, we talk about how he got started, how it works, plans for the future, thoughts on what makes a great team. What motivates him & the difficulties of doing a hardware startup and finally some Elon Musk & Narendra Modi chat as well so please enjoy the show. Fact - I recorded the podcast interview on 4th Jan - The date the Louis Braille - the inventor of Braille was born! What an amazing coincidence!!

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    Ep73: Dr. Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder of SafetiPin- On building an app thats making cities safer & more inclusive for women and everyone.

    Today, more and more women are migrating to India’s cities in search of work, which has led to increased concern over the last few years about their safety in urban areas. Today I speak to Dr Kalpana Viswanath is the co-founder and CEO of Safetipin, which is a social enterprise using data and technology to support cities in their endeavour to become safer, more inclusive and smarter. Since its inception in 2013, Safetipin has worked with more than 30 cities in India and other developing countries. Safetipin collects public space data from multiple sources including the MySafetipin app, and works with governments, to use this data for better planning and maintenance of cities.

    So in this episode, we talk about how the app works, plans for the future, working with the government on urban safety, she gives advice on doing your own social enterprise and being a city girl! So please enjoy the show!

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    Ep72: Nivedha R.M - Co-founder of TrashCon - On a mission to solve India’s huge waste management problem

    India faces major environmental challenges associated with waste generation, Believe it or not, India produces 42 millions tonnes of waste every day most of it is left in the landfills at the city outskirts, leaving a stinking smell & vultures hovering over heaps of hazardous material. So Today I am talking with Nivedha, Founder & CEO of Trashcon. They have created a machine helps solve this problem by converting mixed waste into Bio-Degradable and Non-Biodegradable Waste.

    So In this conversation, she talks about her exciting rollercoaster journey since graduating 3 months ago. How the machine works. Overcoming roadblocks, the business model, being the youngest mentor at the Founders Institute. Having belief in her product. Wanting to change the entire industry. Being told by the experts - this is not possible. Winning a number of awards, working weekends & missing birthday parties and much more. so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep71: Raghav Gupta, Co-founder of Nymble Labs - On creating a curry cooking robot! Freeing Indians from their kitchen!

    "Its no secret Indians love curry - but have no time to cook it!." Today I am talking with Raghav Gupta, co-founder of Nymble labs. They are a startup creating a curry cooking robot that may help reduce time spent in the kitchen. So In this conversation, he talks about why he is doing this, how it’s going so far, being part of the Bosch tech accelerator in Bangalore, his emotions being featured in Bloomberg, taking part in CNBC India startup competition. he also shares very interesting insights on a trip to China and taking risks. He also talks about how YOU can be part of the beta testing and get 25% off when it’s out and much more.

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    Ep70: ­Anupama Gowda, Co-founder of Workbench Projects - On building a maker space for tinkerers, artists, makers, engineers & anyone with an inspired spirit!

    "In Bangalore, if people had ideas, they did not have a space that would nurture it with tools, machinery and mentors the 3 fundamentals for someone to practice making and building stuff" Today I speak with Anupama Gowda the co-founder of Workbench Projects - the very first maker space in Bangalore . its a facility for makers, tinkerers, artists, engineers & anyone with an inspired spirit to tap into their imaginations and make something that’s amazing

    In this conversation, she talks about getting started in her dads' garage. Anu also talks about her favourite projects. Being involved in the Hyperloop India project. Exciting details of a maker fair event in November which you can go to. Advice on how to get your ideas to the prototype stage. What keeps Anu awake at night & much much more so please enjoy the show

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    Ep69: ­Arijit & Kamalika, Co-founders of QuoDeck - Meet the husband & wife team disrupting the traditional learning industry...One game at a time!

    As a planet, we spend 30 Billion hours each week playing games so In this week’s episode, I chat to husband & wife team Arijit & Kamalika the co-founders of QuoDeck. They are a building really cool game based learning product for businesses in India and the rest of the world. So in this conversation, we talk about how it got started. How the products work, what games based learning is & how this is better than traditional based learning.

    Both share great insights on life as an entrepreneur. The setbacks, the fun, building a team. Getting out of the comfort zone. Management styles, Quitting corporate life after 15 years and how they first met! So please enjoy the show. Stayed tuned at the end if you want to do your own podcast.

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