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    E94: Anand Chowdhary founder of Oswald Labs, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Dutch Financial Times 50 Under 30, & one of the 50 most innovative entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands

    Solving real-world problems! Today I speak to Anand Chowdhary. The Founder of Oswald Labs, a Netherlands & Indian based accessibility technology company. They build products for people with disabilities and he also runs an in-house tech accelerator. In this podcast, we talk about how he got started. Dropping out of design college. Moving from India to the Netherlands, how he manages his life as a student, entrepreneur and consultant to startups around the world. He gives great advice on solving real-world problems. He talks about being on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists and also being named as one of the 50 most innovative entrepreneurs and professionals in the Netherlands and he talks about hackathons, having supportive parents. And finally some chat about politics and education in India. It’s a great episode!

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    E93: Dignite founder Raghuveer Surupa Entrepreneur,TEDx organiser & amateur musician -On building India's first online store dedicated to improving the day to day lives of cancer patients

    Every year 1 million patients get diagnosed with cancer in India. So today I speak to Raghuveer Surupa, the founder of Dignite Cancer Care - India's first online store dedicated to improving day to day lives of cancer patients. He talks about how he came up with the idea. He reflects on his first year anniversary as an entrepreneur. He talks about how he motivates himself. He also talks about his role organizing TedX talks and gives great advice if you want to do a TEDx talk. And finally, we talk about his love for the playing the guitar, which he will play for us at the end of the interview. It’s a cover version of a Johnny Cash song called Hurt, used in the last Wolverine film. And it was his last ever song he recorded before he died - its an all-time classic.

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    E92: CricHeroes founder Abhishek Desai on building a mobile app for the 2 billion followers of cricket!

    With 2 billion+ followers around the world. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. So today my guest is Abhishek Desai the founder of CricHeroes. CricHeroes allows cricketers worldwide to score their matches and tournaments live and broadcast scores ball to ball. It is also a platform to showcase their skills and to get recognition. So in this episode, we talk about how it all got started, how it works, how this app will make you a better cricketer! Cricket Analytics - find the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals!, the business model, how big do they want to go with this?, Being a serial entrepreneur, thoughts on product market fit, why ventures fail? And some great book recommendations! , so please enjoy the show

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    E91: Moong Over Microchips - Adventures of a techie turned farmer! - Venkat Iyer

    The journey from the city to the farm! Today I speak to Venkat Iyer, the author of an amazing new book called Moong Over Microchips. This book is about his extraordinary 14 year journey from quitting his highly paid job at IBM to take up organic farming without any experience. In this podcast we talk about why he quit, the first 6 months dealing with corruption, tough clients and growing his first crop. We also talk about the reality of farming in India, we also talk discovering fresh air, organic food, excel spreadsheets & snakes to getting up at 5.30 AM and finally we talk about this being made into a movie and which famous Bollywood actor would play him - Please enjoy the show.

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    E90: Forza India Academy founder Ajay Menon. On bringing football to the masses!

    Football's coming home! Today I speak to Ajay Menon, the founder Forza Indian Academy a brand new football academy in Mumbai teaching grassroots level football. He talks about being an entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for football and an ambition to take India to the higher echelons of world football. We talk about his passion for Italian football. He talks about the leap of faith from the corporate world into the world of coaching, with the aim to give back all the knowledge to the young children of India and we talk about the recent world cup in Russia.

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    Ep89: Piyush & Khushboo Jain, Co-founders of Impact Guru - Meet the husband & wife team building India’s No1 crowdfunding platform & offering an easy and transparent way for the Indian diaspora to give back to its country.

    A passion for giving back! - Today I speak to Piyush & Khushboo Jain, co-founders of Impact Guru - a tech-for-good platform that provides complete crowdfunding solutions to empower people raising funds for medical emergencies and social causes. We talk about how they got started and overcoming obstacles, Both share great crowdfunding stories. They also talk about the qualities you need to get your startup off the ground, They also give great advice on what to say to investors. they talk about leadership styles & business models. And finally some important marriage advice, so please enjoy the show.

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    Ep88: [The Best] of the Indian Startup Show - Part 5

    Sit back & enjoy some of the best bits of The Indian Startup Show Part 5. Today you will hear from Daniel Becerra Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Grid (@BuffaloGrid). BuffaloGrid uses solar energy to provide mobile power and internet services to off-grid communities around the world. Chamutal Afek-Eitam, Founder & CEO of 3 Million Club (@3millionclub) The 3 Million Club is the for life-saving products for the humanitarian sector. We hear from Vidya Vellala . Founder & CEO of Evayadesk - Evayadesk is a software as a service product providing help desk software solutions for businesses around the world.Deepak Goel, founder of KarmaCircles, (@KarmaCircles) a peer to peer social learning platform. Vivek Bajaj . Founder of Kredent Academy (@KredentAcademy) Kredent Academy is one of the foremost professional training institutes in India with a focus on finance and capital markets.

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    Ep87: Vikas Kakwani, founder & CEO of AAS Vidyalaya - On putting a secondary school in everyones pocket!

    According to Census Data, 8.4 crore Indian children don’t attend high school 8.4 crore is 84 million. So today I speak to Vikas Kakwani the founder of AAS Vidyalaya - which means Anytime Anywhere School, a platform that brings an entire school on your phone. Built for millions of students who cannot go to school. He talks about why he's doing this. Why the high dropout rates. how the app works, plans for the future. The business model, being a backbencher at school . Great book recommendations and meeting MS.Dhoni. So please enjoy the show

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    Ep86: Aniket Karia, CEO of All Heart - On a mission to build a health conscious food brand & develop healthy eating habits

    Four o’clock hunger pangs can be tricky! So Today I speak to Aniket Karia, the founder of All Heart a health food brand aimed at providing you with innovative, wholesome snacks to munch on. In this podcast, he talks about why he is doing this, creating a brand from scratch. Baking 8-10 hours a day. Creating a lean company, we also talk super seeded crackers, Awesome advice on doing your own food startup. What qualities he looks for when hiring staff. And he talks about his experiences of running nightclubs and bars in Mumbai - Please enjoy the show

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    Ep85: Mathew Browne, CEO of Kolkata Yoga Club - On bringing Yoga to the masses!

    It's international yoga day! Today I speak to Mathew Browne, the CEO of the Kolkata Yoga Club a startup offering services such as Yoga, Physiotherapy and much more.

    So in this podcast we talk about the difficult first 3 months in his startup journey, marketing tactics, pricing strategies, roadmaps, his management style, getting into the corporate wellness space we also discuss laughter yoga, super brain yoga, desk yoga and some Conor McGregor chat as well and much much more so please enjoy the show!

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