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    Ep57: Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder & CTO of Qubole on Big data & why it matters!

    90% of all data we have ever created has been generated in the last 2 years! So what do we do with it? Today my guest is Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder, CTO of Qubole. Qubole is a $50 million Series C funded company helping enterprises take full advantage of the cloud to make processing more accessible in an enterprise setting while reducing complexity and cost. Joydeep is ex-Facebook data scientist and led the data infrastructure project at Facebook. So he is the right person to talk to on big data!

    In this podcast - we talk about what inspired him to get started. , How the platform works, a deep dive into what big data is , life at Facebook , advice for first time founders and how you can get into the big data industry and some Mark Zuckerberg chat as well and much much more

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    Ep56: Yuvraj Krishan Sharma - Co-founder of KOMPANIONS - On bringing back the joy of learning using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

    I chat to Yuvraj Krishan Sharma. Co-founder of KOMPANIONS (@your_kompanions) KOMPANIONS is an ed-tech company. creating innovative educational products using augmented reality & virtual reality, exciting stuff. So in this episode we talk about how he got started. How it’s going so far, how it works. Why they are doing this. targets for next year , how to get into the VR space. He also shares a great story about taking 800 students on a VR trip into space. and finally some Rahul Dravid chat as well.

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    Ep55: Carlos Fernandes, Founder & CEO of Blaze - On building India's biggest Bot!

    We are talking about bots with My guest Carlos Fernandes. founder & CEO of Blaze. Blaze is an exciting chat bot that delivers trending information through your cellphone. In this podcast Carlos talks how he came up with the idea, we discuss Why bots? , Who its for, how big do they want to go and qualities an entrepreneur must have if they are going to succeed. Some chat about Singapore , and finally very useful information on product market fit.

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    Ep54: Ravi Trivedi - Top Angel Investor & founder of Push Engage & CouponRani

    My guest today is Ravi Trivedi. founder of Push Engage & CouponRani. He is also a successful angel investor. Push Engage is a push notification platform for browsers . And CouponRani is one of india’s top Coupon Site. So in this podcast Ravi talks about he got started , advice on how you can grow your user base. , pricing strategies, We also talk about his angel investing. What he looks for when investing in companies, Favorite startups in India. What he likes and dislikes about startups. And Playing the piano and his ideal dinner guests.

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    Ep53: Rahul Chovva - CEO of - A non-profit organization helping people raise money for Indian NGO projects online.

    My guest is Rahul Chovva. The CEO of LetzChange is an online giving website helping you leverage your social network to raise funds for the causes you believe in. Since launching they are doing really well partnering with 200 nonprofits across India. In this episode we talk about how the platform works, examples of really interesting crowdfunding campaigns in rural India. How much Money they have raised. The State of the crowdfunding industry in India. An exciting initiative called Giving Premier League

    He talks about plans for the future . The hardest part about building this business. And Rahul share his tips on creating your own crowdfunding campaign. And we have some Meryl Streep, painting & food chat as well!

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    Ep52: Mansi Zaveri - Founder of Kidsstoppress , on creating India's most trusted, award winning parenting website.

    Today I chat to Mansi Zaveri - founder of Kidsstoppress. (@Kidsstoppress) is India’s leading parenting website this is an amazing site that has its pulse on everything today’s parents want to know. We talk about what inspired her to do this, the early days. Mansi reflects on what she has learned on her roller-coaster journey so far! And discusses the top 3 priorities in their life - its very interesting!

    Mansi shares her 15 experience in branding , content and all things digital marketing she talks about her life as a solo founder and a full time mother , and some Oprah Winfrey and food chat as well

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    Ep51: Satanik Roy : Co-founder & CPO of Yibeal -On creating India's first Online 2 Offline Marketplace for pre-owned phones and tablets,

    In this week’s episode I chat to Satanik Roy. Co-founder and Chief product officer at Yibeal , Yibeal stands for Yes its’ a big deal and they are an Online-2-Offline marketplace to buy/sell pre-owned smartphones with warranty and insurance based in Calcutta. Since launching The have gone through a tech accelerator and have a won a number of awards. So they are doing really well!

    We talk about what inspired him to start this journey, How it works, plans for the future, and his day to day role , what he learned from his first startup ,plans for the next 2 years. We also talk about his interest in poetry and some Steve jobs chat … please enjoy the show!

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    Ep50: Deepak Srinivasan : Co-founder of Crofters , on tackling the water crisis in India with IOT based farming!

    Today we talking about IOT (Internet of things) based farming with my guest Deepak Srinivasan.(@thisis_ads) the co-founder of Crofters. Crofters's have created a flagship ecosystem which is an integrated aqua gardening system which helps you with fresh food farmed in the convenience of your very living room. Amazing stuff.

    So in this episode we talk about how he and his co-fcunder got started. how it works. State of the IOT industry at the moment in Indian . Production plans , nice example of senior citizens using the product ,Partnering with Teach for India. And Deepak shares his advice on getting early adopters. And some Elon musk chat.

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    Ep49: Ishu Bansal - Co-founder of TruckSuvidha on building India's leading portal for the transportation and trucking Industry

    India has the 2nd largest road network in the world. The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 Bn and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. So Today i speak to Ishu Bansal co-founder of TruckSuvidha . TruckSuvidha is a online Portal for transportation & trucking Industry. Through this portal one can find the real-time availability of trucks and loads. So in this episode we talk about how he got started, the early days, plans for the future. His inspirational dad, coding for Ice cream & candy! and convincing transporters to use the system. And some cooking and travel chat!

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    Ep48: Prashanto Das - Co-founder of PING , on building the TV network of the future.

    3.8 Billion videos are being consumed in India every month! So my guest today is Prashanto Das (@prashantodas) - Co-founder of Ping Network. PING is India’s largest studio multi channel network creating original engaging video content across genres of food, music, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming.

    In this episode we talk about how he got started , talk about his very own Jerry Maguire moment, life as a hard core creative . What first time founders should be focusing on , the most surprising thing he has learned about his crazy roller coaster journey so far. Work life balance & challenges.

    Prashanto talks about his leadership style, tips on negotiation. Advice on dealing with setbacks , Favorite TV shows. And how you can start your own YouTube channel! And much more..Please enjoy the show

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