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    Ep44: Ashwin Damera - Co-Founder & Member of the Academic Board of EMERITUS . On making quality education accessible to the next generation of leaders across the world

    Today I speak with Ashwin Damera Co-Founder and Member of the Academic Board of EMERITUS an edtech start-up. They have developed an executive education model based on the leadership and management training needs of mid-management employees. They work with top tier business schools and bring their programs to markets like India, Middle East & Singapore.

    So in this podcast we talk what inspired him to do this. , life as a startup founder. , online education, we also talk about his previous startup Travelguru a company that was later acquired by Travelocity in 2009. And his amazing two years spent at Harvard University and much much so please enjoy the show.

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    Ep43: Sanchit Malik- Co-founder of Townscript - On creating India's leading event registration & ticketing platform

    This week I chat to Sanchit Malik (@maliksanchit) co-founder of Townscript. Townscript is India's leading self serve event registration and ticketing platform. launched in late 2013 they have served more than 9500+ events majorly in India and other countries like US, Singapore, Australia. We talk about how he got started. startup culture, what he has learned from being an entrepreneur to what excites him most about this startup. And much more. Please enjoy the show!

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    Ep42: Shruti Gandhi- Managing Partner at Array Ventures on solving impactful problems using technology

    Today I chat to Shruti Gandhi, (@atShruti) . Shruti is the managing partner at Array Ventures. Array Ventures is a VC firm based in the U.S. which focuses on solving impactful problems using revolutionary technology. We talk about her operational & investment experience, life in Silicon Valley , machine learning, what she looks for when investing in startups & what first time founders should be focusing on.

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    Ep41: Lokendra Ranawat - Founder of Wooden Street - On creating india's first e-commerce custom built online furniture company.

    Based in the beautiful city of Udaipur. Wooden Street is a startup that creates e-commerce custom built online furniture and they growing really fast 150% month on month. According to Lokendra 90% of the furniture market is still unorganized and the market is potentially worth $20 billion

    So in this podcast, we talk about how he got started, how they deal with with the offline competition , obstacles and challenges and his favorite piece of furniture a dining table that turns into a pool table , amazing stuff. . please enjoy show!

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    Ep40: Deepak Goel - Founder of KarmaCircles - On building a peer to peer social learning platform & mentoring over 1,000 people around the world!

    Today I talk to Deepak Goel, founder of KarmaCircles, (@KarmaCircles) a peer to peer social learning platform. They have developed a really cool mobile-first platform in which you can send a request for a meeting, schedule, interact and thank other professionals for helping you through a KarmaNote

    We talk about how he got started , how the app works and why he is REALLY passionate about KarmaCircles .We also talk about his amazing experiences from working in Silicon valley to mentoring over a thousand entrepreneurs around the world over the last six years. Special Offer If you want schedule some time with Deepak go to download the app & mention The Indian Startup Show and Deepak will help you!. Please enjoy the show!

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    Ep39: Vivek Bajaj - Founder of Kredent Academy - On building India's top financial engagement eco-system

    The need for strong financial literacy and financial analytics is very important for complete engagement of citizen of any country ! And In this week’s episode I chat to Vivek Bajaj . Founder of Kredent Academy (@KredentAcademy) and StockEdge (@stockedge) . Kredent Academy is one of the foremost professional training institutes in India with focus on finance and capital markets. Anyone can become a financial market expert through practical oriented learning and strong hold on analytics.

    We talk about how he got started. developing content across multiple languages , plans for expansion in South East Asia , vision of the company. Vivek has created an amazing analytics platform for the Indian stock market (stockedge) which already has 25,000 downloads in 2.5 months. With a background in accountancy and building a number of business over the years he gives us excellent financial & recruitment advice if you're thinking about starting your own business.

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    Ep38: Prashant Surana - Founder & CEO of Snapper Technologies - On building a hyper-glocal marketplace in India.

    In this week’s episode I chat to Prashant Surana the Founder & CEO of Snapper Technologies (@snappertechnol1) These guys are building a cool platform that allows you to try goods before you buy ranging from apparel to electronic gadgets. There ultimate aim is to revolutionize the retails sector in India , very ambitious! In this conversation we also talk about how the platform works. Plans for expansion . Prashant also shares great insights on life as an entrepreneur.

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    Ep37: Chamutal Afek-Eitam - Founder & CEO of 3 Million Club - On Integrating Technology into the Humanitarian Sector

    Today we are talking about how to integrate technology into the humanitarian sector with my special guest Chamutal Afek-Eitam, Founder & CEO of 3 Million Club (@3millionclub) The 3 Million Club is the for life saving products for the humanitarian sector. Since launching they have saved over 2,500 children.

    Chamutal has over 17 years working in the humanitarian sector and in this show we talk about , where the idea came from , how the product works, working in India , plans for the future & how you can get involved.

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    Ep36: Neha Gupta, Founder of - On creating a simple & intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages

    In this week’s episode I chat to Neha Gupta. Founder of Lipikaar (@lipikaar). Lipikaar is a simple and intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages. So this tool works on common text editors like MS Office, website and browser plugins, as well as keyboard app for Android phones as well. In this conversation we also talk about, ­ how she got started , time spent working at Amazon, launching the Lipikaar app this year, the app already has 100,000 downloads. Neha also gives great advice on B2B sales, networking (be persistent!) and creating a product from scratch ... please enjoy the show!

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    Ep35: Vidya Vellala - Founder & CEO of on providing online customer support in a faster way!

    In this week’s episode I chat to Vidya Vellala . Founder & CEO of Evayadesk (@EvayaDesk)
    Evayadesk is a software as a service product providing help desk software solutions for businesses around the world. Vidya built the software herself and now she has a team of 4. We talk about how she got started. Her engineering background, The number of businesses signed up. vision of the company , plans for the future, to her inspirational mother & more!. Viday's advice on learning to code "There is nothing we cannot learn in this world!"

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