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    Ep36: Neha Gupta, Founder of - On creating a simple & intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages

    In this week’s episode I chat to Neha Gupta. Founder of Lipikaar (@lipikaar). Lipikaar is a simple and intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages. So this tool works on common text editors like MS Office, website and browser plugins, as well as keyboard app for Android phones as well. In this conversation we also talk about, ­ how she got started , time spent working at Amazon, launching the Lipikaar app this year, the app already has 100,000 downloads. Neha also gives great advice on B2B sales, networking (be persistent!) and creating a product from scratch ... please enjoy the show!

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    Ep35: Vidya Vellala - Founder & CEO of on providing online customer support in a faster way!

    In this week’s episode I chat to Vidya Vellala . Founder & CEO of Evayadesk (@EvayaDesk)
    Evayadesk is a software as a service product providing help desk software solutions for businesses around the world. Vidya built the software herself and now she has a team of 4. We talk about how she got started. Her engineering background, The number of businesses signed up. vision of the company , plans for the future, to her inspirational mother & more!. Viday's advice on learning to code "There is nothing we cannot learn in this world!"

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    Ep34: Shuchi Pandya - Founder & CEO of Pipa + Bella

    This week I speak to Shuchi Pandya. Founder & CEO of Pipa + Bella, an online jewellery e-commerce platform offering fashion jewellery to women across India. Started 2 years ago they are growing really fast & have raised funding So in this conversation we talk about how she got started, What’s it like being a founder, information on how to raise funding! , what to put in you slide deck and collaborating with social influencers & celebrities.

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    Ep33: Daniel Becerra - Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Grid. Providing mobile power & internet connectivity to millions of people.

    Today I chat to Daniel Becerra Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Grid (@BuffaloGrid). BuffaloGrid uses solar energy to provide mobile power and internet services to off-grid communities around the world. Their aim is to provide customers with increased connectivity so they are better informed and connected.

    We talk about how he got started. How it actually works. The social innovation scene, fund raising and their work within rural African & Indian communities. In this conversation we also talk about,

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    Ep32: Anirban Poddar - Founder & CEO of ShopHop on building a marketplace for natural home-grown foods & wellness products

    In this week’s episode I chat to Anirban Poddar. Founder & CEO of ShopHop (@ShophopIndia)
    ShopHop is an e-commerce platform which serves as a curated marketplace for natural, artisanal ,home-grown foods and wellness products. Since launching in January they are growing 100% month on month!

    We talk about how he got started. How many orders they get. Advice on how to pitch to investors because they won Pitch 2 Start competition. We talk about what first time founders should be focussing on , plans for the future. We also discuss Bacon ice cream & what he does on a Sunday!

    in this conversation we also talk about,

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    Ep31: Vishal Shah - Founder & CEO of Haute Chef

    In this week’s episode I chat to Vishal Shah. Founder & CEO of Haute Chef (@HauteChefIndia)
    Haute Chef is a unique "meal kit" concept, They send a box of pre-measured, labeled ingredients along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on putting together a truly gourmet dish in your home kitchen. And they are doing a couple of thousand orders month.

    Prior to founding Haute Chef, Vishal was an investment banker based in New York and London working with a multinational bank for over a decade.

    We talk about what inspired him to start this journey, his life on Wall Street. The vision of the company, to mistakes he sees first time founders make & plans for the future and much more … please enjoy the show!

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    Ep30: Anu Acharya Founder & CEO of Mapmygenome on promoting healthy living by understanding the role of genetics

    Today I chat to Anu Acharya (@anuacharya) , The founder & CEO of (@mapmygenome). Based in Hyderabad - Mapmygenome, is a startup engaged in developing genomics solutions for predictive diagnosis and prognosis, using DNA testing. The company raised $1.1 million in a pre-Series A funding round earlier this year. So we talk about how she got started , the state of the genome industry & what excites her most about Mapmygenome

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    Ep29: Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of Cubeit

    Today I chat to Sarthak Jain , The Co-Founder & CEO of Cubeit (@cubeitdotio). Based in Bangalore - Cubeit is a mobile application which lets you collect content from any source in one place and makes it easy to organise and share. The team raised seed funding from Accel Partners & Helion Venture Partners with a product demo and not an actual product. So we talk about how he got started , launching & marketing apps to useful advice on dealing with those negative app store reviews!

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    Ep28: Vinay Mathews, Co-Founder & COO of Faircent on building India's Largest Peer To Peer Lending Marketplace.

    The future of banking in India is changing! and in this week’s episode I chat to Vinay Mathews , Co-founder & COO of Faircent (@faircent1) India's Largest Peer To Peer Lending Marketplace. This is a virtual marketplace that allows you to borrow and lend money directly, without having to go through the traditional financial intermediaries like banks, and with the estimated 50% of Indian population without bank accounts it's a credit starved market so it's no surprise they are doing really well!

    We talk about what inspired him to do this , overcoming obstacles and current challenges . the current state of the lending marketplace in India to what the banks think of the concept. Vinay has over 20 years experience building online marketplaces, so shares his top tips on what first time founders should be focussing on and much more ..please enjoy the show!

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    Ep27: Neha Motwani, founder & CEO of Fitternity

    Today I chat to Neha Motwani , the founder & CEO of Fitternity. Fitternity, is a discovery platform for workout classes and other fitness services based in Mumbai. The platform allows users to book free trials with exercise classes, personal trainers, and nutritionists.

    We talk about a number of topics including how she got started to raising $1Million in VC funding . Neha also talks about the vision of the company & Fitternity’s interesting hiring process!

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