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    Ep64: Anaka Narayanan - Founder of Brass Tacks. An economist's journey to becoming a fashion designer & entrepreneur!

    Today I speak to Anaka Narayanan an economic analyst-turned- designer & founder of Brass Tacks, a women's fashion label that uses natural and hand-crafted textiles. In this podcast we talk about how she got started. Quitting her job and taking the plunge into the world of textiles and fashion. She talks about where she gets her inspiration from. Attracting customers using social media, how she balances the management and creative side of the business. She talks about branding, & her management style, and what will fashion look like in 80 years time! and much much more so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep63: Rakesh Verma - Chairman & MD of Mapmyindia. On Making the world better through Maps & Location technologies & not having the Monday Morning Blues!

    I speak to Mr Rakesh Verma, Chairman & MD of MapmyIndia (@MapmyIndia) India’s leader in premium quality digital map data , GPS navigation, tracking, and location apps. We talk about his inspiring entrepreneurial story. Thoughts on the startup scene in India. He shares top leadership advice, he also talks about conviction , passion , happiness and not having the Monday Morning blues! And much more...please enjoy the show thanks

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    Ep62: Hitashi Garg Co-founder of Mr Needs - On creating an app that delivers all your daily essentials at your doorstep!

    This week I chat to Hitashi Garg. Co-founder of Mr Needs (@MrNeedsApp) MrNeeds, is a micro-delivery app-based subscription service that delivers milk, bread, eggs and other groceries on a daily basis to its customers. And in just eight months of its launch, they deliver approximately 1500 orders every day to 9000 customers. Which is great! So in this podcast we talk about . How he got the idea, how it works, what makes them different to the other food startups in India , his background and how they plan to scale!

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    Ep61: Parag Agarwal - Co-founder of JanaJal - On a mission to deliver clean, safe drinking water through automated hybrid water ATMs to every Indian!

    Building the worlds first water sharing economy ! . This week I chat to Parag Agarwal Co-founder of JanaJal (@JanaJalIndia) JanaJal’s aim is to leverage technology and bring safe drinking water by innovating and promoting smart drinking water solutions.Founded 4 years ago they are doing really well. So in this podcast , we talk about how they deliver safe drinking water in india. The water ATM concept, receiving a significant amount of funding. What is it like working with the Indian government? .Parag talks about his 3 decades of entrepreneurial life. The massive potential of JanJal. He shares top project management tips too & we also talk about his time working in the jungles of Indonesia to selling email connections door to door in the 1990’s! and so much more.

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    Ep60: Nihal Kashinath, Founder & CEO of Applied Singularity - Peeking into the future of Internet of things (IoT)

    Today I speak to Nihal Kashinath , founder & CEO of Applied Singularity. Applied Singularity is a platform for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They provide consultations to developers, students, startups, industry, investors and policy makers on the subjects of IoT and AI . Started 4 years ago It is now the the largest IoT-focused Meetup platform in the world!

    So in this podcast we talk about how it’s going so far, the IoT scene in India, favorite IoT projects, connected cars , teleportation , cloning , robots in the kitchen and automatic Roti and Dosa making machines ...WOW and so much more. So please enjoy the show

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    Ep59: Sudeepta Sanyal , Co-founder of The Blueberry Trails - On India's booming travel industry!

    Summer is just around the corner! which means that it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. So today I speak to Sudeepta Sanyal the co-founder of The Blueberry Trails. The Blueberry Trails specializes in personalized holidays to locations within India and around the world. She left her day job at 26 to commit to her travel bug and cater to group travelers to exotic destinations. So in this podcast we talk about how the platform works, favorite holiday destinations, the booming Indian travel industry , best flight/holiday websites to use. We talk about female entrepreneurship and what she is like as a boss and much much more so please enjoy the show!!

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    Ep58: Suresh Shanker, Co-founder of Crayon Data on simplying the worlds choices!

    Today I chat to Suresh Shanker, co-founder of Crayon Data (@CrayonBigData). Crayon Data enables consumers to make more satisfying choices and helps traditional enterprises engage their customers. Currently, the three year old company’s clients span sectors such as hospitality, retail, banking, telecommunication and media and advertising sectors in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. In this podcast - we talk about how he got started, How the platform works. The roller coaster ride as a entrepreneur, how big do they want to go with this. What’s left for Suresh to achieve? What has surprised him during his long entrepreneurial journey? We also talk about climbing mountains, writing a book and an interesting story about a Chinese bamboo tree and much more!

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    Ep57: Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder & CTO of Qubole on Big data & why it matters!

    90% of all data we have ever created has been generated in the last 2 years! So what do we do with it? Today my guest is Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder, CTO of Qubole. Qubole is a $50 million Series C funded company helping enterprises take full advantage of the cloud to make processing more accessible in an enterprise setting while reducing complexity and cost. Joydeep is ex-Facebook data scientist and led the data infrastructure project at Facebook. So he is the right person to talk to on big data!

    In this podcast - we talk about what inspired him to get started. , How the platform works, a deep dive into what big data is , life at Facebook , advice for first time founders and how you can get into the big data industry and some Mark Zuckerberg chat as well and much much more

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    Ep56: Yuvraj Krishan Sharma - Co-founder of KOMPANIONS - On bringing back the joy of learning using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

    I chat to Yuvraj Krishan Sharma. Co-founder of KOMPANIONS (@your_kompanions) KOMPANIONS is an ed-tech company. creating innovative educational products using augmented reality & virtual reality, exciting stuff. So in this episode we talk about how he got started. How it’s going so far, how it works. Why they are doing this. targets for next year , how to get into the VR space. He also shares a great story about taking 800 students on a VR trip into space. and finally some Rahul Dravid chat as well.

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    Ep55: Carlos Fernandes, Founder & CEO of Blaze - On building India's biggest Bot!

    We are talking about bots with My guest Carlos Fernandes. founder & CEO of Blaze. Blaze is an exciting chat bot that delivers trending information through your cellphone. In this podcast Carlos talks how he came up with the idea, we discuss Why bots? , Who its for, how big do they want to go and qualities an entrepreneur must have if they are going to succeed. Some chat about Singapore , and finally very useful information on product market fit.

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