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    Ep82: [The Best] of the Indian Startup Show - Part 3

    Best of The Indian Startup Show Part 3. Today you will hear from Raveesh Bhalla, an expert on UX (user experience), he talks about starting his own design agency. His own processes & current challenges and the next big trend in the UX design industry. Swaathi Kakarla. Co-Founder of Skcript, talking about her rollercoaster journey from starting the company in a car to launching products at Gitex in Dubai. Varun Sheth. Co-Founder of Ketto - an online crowdfunding website for individuals, NGOs & businesses to raise money for their favourite causes and creative projects. Shilpi Kapoor. Founder of BarrierBreak - which provides accessibility and assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities. Faheem Gill. Founder of Dashroad . Based in the UAE. Dashroad focuses on bringing out the data from cars to help build a platform of connected car applications. Please enjoy the show!

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    Ep81: Vineet Rajan , Co-Founder of Scout My Trip - On building India's premier do-it-yourself platform for road trips .

    When Vineet was 5 years old, his dad shoved him into a car and took him on his first ever road trip! Now he is the co-founder of Scout My Trip, a platform & planner for road trips anywhere in India, they are doing really well. Its a big market 90% of all travel today is by road. 60% of all vacations today are road trips. We talk about how he got 5,000 signups before launching, being part of a tech accelerator, mistakes he has made on the way, to being profitable. We also talk about amazing road trips you can try, His passion for riding his Royal Enfield bike around India and much more.

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    Ep80: [The Best] of the Indian Startup Show - Part 2

    Best of The Indian Startup Show Part 2. So Today you will hear from Kavita Kapoor, an Entrepreneur, COO of the Microbit foundation, Technologist & Author. Ryan Chadha, entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Jigyasa School. Naveen Jain - Billionaire, Founder & CEO of Moon Express. Neetal Parekh - Founder & CEO of Innov8social Dev Arora, Founder of 8 Minutes.And finally Charanjeev Salva, Founder of So sit back & enjoy some of the best moments

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    Ep79: [The Best] of the Indian Startup Show - Part 1

    Trapped indoors by the Beast of the East & Storm Emma. I decided to listen back to the first ten episodes of the Indian Startup Show and put together the best bits. So today you will hear from

    Harshdeep Singh - Harshdeep, a young entrepreneur from Pune, India. Deepak Abbot - who spent time working at the head of mobile growth at Times internet Stuart Noakes - Co-Founder of Tech Hub Bangalore & Boston Reema Sathe - CEO Happy Roots Krishna Yogi - founder Maptags Devin Millar - lead developer at Nextdrop Pushkar Gaikwad - founder of Aeroleads

    First I would like to pay tribute to everyone listening and subscribing to show for the past two years.Without you, this podcast would not have been possible! Over 300,000 listens so I’m very grateful. So sit back & enjoy some of the best moments from the first ten episodes.

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    Ep78: Syed Jafer, Co-Founder/CEO at Karachain - On building India's First Smart Contract enabled Blockchain

    Blockchain & Bitcoin are here to stay! I chat with Syed Jafar - The Co-founder & CEO at Karachain. They are building a new blockchain that is specifically focussed for developers So we talk all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts and they work. Syed talks about the cool products they made. And as we recorded this on Valentines Day we have some chat about love & romance! And now you can listen on Spotify. Just search for the Indian startup show.

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    Ep77: Pratiksha Gupta , ­Founder of 1SpecialPlace - On building India’s first Online Speech Therapy platform

    1 in 10 kids in India has speech difficulties. So today I chat with Pratiksha Gupta - the founder of 1SpecialPlace - India’s first online speech therapy platform. We talk about he she got started, how the platform works, she also talks about the key ingredients entrepreneurs should have, how she manages a remote team, having a supportive family, she also talks about moving 8 times in 10 years, looking for seed funding, taboos around speech difficulties, what excites her most about 2018! & some Shark Tank chat as well! and much more. Also, read my new post on medium on how to be a great podcast guest!!

    "1SpecialPlace was launched in 2014 by a team of co-founders including myself ( CEO ) and great talent from the IT industry - bearing the Fame of IIT and DCE(India) and experienced MBAs. I think without my Wonderful team we wouldn't have come so far at all. I am thankful to the co-founders of my team, the CTO ( who has selflessly toiled for hours altogether), the CFO ( whose Knowledge and expertise is unmatched) and the Strategist ( whose presence makes everything easy)" - Pratiksha Gupta, founder

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    Ep76: ­Dinesh Seemakurty , CEO of Stasis Labs - On creating a unique remote patient monitoring system for vulnerable patients in India

    While in an Indian hospital, CEO Dinesh Seemakurty witnessed a loved one pass away due to a lack of sufficient monitoring. He saw firsthand how the lack of medical technology impacts healthcare. Dinesh is now the co-founder & CEO of Statis Labs - A health tech startup that has created a unique remote patient monitoring system. Already in 20 hospitals in India and has saved many lives - so they are doing really well. We talk about how he got started, how the product works. Raising $5 million in funding. Dinesh also talks about what should first founders be focusing and a great book recommendation and much much more so please enjoy the show.

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    Ep75: ­Jinal Patel, Co-founder of WSquare - On building India's first ever co-working space, for only women

    I chat with Jinal Patel the co-founder of WSquare. A women-only co-working space in Chennai. Which is a first for India. We talk about how she got started, why she is doing this. Plans for the future which includes starting an incubator and creating a marketplace where home-based entrepreneurs can showcase their products & much much so please enjoy the show. And next week I will do a best of the Indian startup show featuring all the best moments from the past year, it’s not to be missed!

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    Ep74: Shyam Shah, Co-founder & CEO of Braille Me - On empowering the blind with a smart digital Braille E-reader

    India has 40 million blind people & only 10% are literate & 70% are unemployed because they don't have access to educational information.

    So today, I chat to Shyam Shah, the co-founder & CEO of Braille Me. it's a really impressive piece of hardware that plugs into mobile phones & computers to help the visually impaired access the internet and other digital content.

    In this episode, we talk about how he got started, how it works, plans for the future, thoughts on what makes a great team. What motivates him & the difficulties of doing a hardware startup and finally some Elon Musk & Narendra Modi chat as well so please enjoy the show. Fact - I recorded the podcast interview on 4th Jan - The date the Louis Braille - the inventor of Braille was born! What an amazing coincidence!!

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    Ep73: Dr. Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder of SafetiPin- On building an app thats making cities safer & more inclusive for women and everyone.

    Today, more and more women are migrating to India’s cities in search of work, which has led to increased concern over the last few years about their safety in urban areas. Today I speak to Dr Kalpana Viswanath is the co-founder and CEO of Safetipin, which is a social enterprise using data and technology to support cities in their endeavour to become safer, more inclusive and smarter. Since its inception in 2013, Safetipin has worked with more than 30 cities in India and other developing countries. Safetipin collects public space data from multiple sources including the MySafetipin app, and works with governments, to use this data for better planning and maintenance of cities.

    So in this episode, we talk about how the app works, plans for the future, working with the government on urban safety, she gives advice on doing your own social enterprise and being a city girl! So please enjoy the show!

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    Ep72: Nivedha R.M - Co-founder of TrashCon - On a mission to solve India’s huge waste management problem

    India faces major environmental challenges associated with waste generation, Believe it or not, India produces 42 millions tonnes of waste every day most of it is left in the landfills at the city outskirts, leaving a stinking smell & vultures hovering over heaps of hazardous material. So Today I am talking with Nivedha, Founder & CEO of Trashcon. They have created a machine helps solve this problem by converting mixed waste into Bio-Degradable and Non-Biodegradable Waste.

    So In this conversation, she talks about her exciting rollercoaster journey since graduating 3 months ago. How the machine works. Overcoming roadblocks, the business model, being the youngest mentor at the Founders Institute. Having belief in her product. Wanting to change the entire industry. Being told by the experts - this is not possible. Winning a number of awards, working weekends & missing birthday parties and much more. so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep71: Raghav Gupta, Co-founder of Nymble Labs - On creating a curry cooking robot! Freeing Indians from their kitchen!

    "Its no secret Indians love curry - but have no time to cook it!." Today I am talking with Raghav Gupta, co-founder of Nymble labs. They are a startup creating a curry cooking robot that may help reduce time spent in the kitchen. So In this conversation, he talks about why he is doing this, how it’s going so far, being part of the Bosch tech accelerator in Bangalore, his emotions being featured in Bloomberg, taking part in CNBC India startup competition. he also shares very interesting insights on a trip to China and taking risks. He also talks about how YOU can be part of the beta testing and get 25% off when it’s out and much more.

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    Ep70: ­Anupama Gowda, Co-founder of Workbench Projects - On building a maker space for tinkerers, artists, makers, engineers & anyone with an inspired spirit!

    "In Bangalore, if people had ideas, they did not have a space that would nurture it with tools, machinery and mentors the 3 fundamentals for someone to practice making and building stuff" Today I speak with Anupama Gowda the co-founder of Workbench Projects - the very first maker space in Bangalore . its a facility for makers, tinkerers, artists, engineers & anyone with an inspired spirit to tap into their imaginations and make something that’s amazing

    In this conversation, she talks about getting started in her dads' garage. Anu also talks about her favourite projects. Being involved in the Hyperloop India project. Exciting details of a maker fair event in November which you can go to. Advice on how to get your ideas to the prototype stage. What keeps Anu awake at night & much much more so please enjoy the show

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    Ep69: ­Arijit & Kamalika, Co-founders of QuoDeck - Meet the husband & wife team disrupting the traditional learning industry...One game at a time!

    As a planet, we spend 30 Billion hours each week playing games so In this week’s episode, I chat to husband & wife team Arijit & Kamalika the co-founders of QuoDeck. They are a building really cool game based learning product for businesses in India and the rest of the world. So in this conversation, we talk about how it got started. How the products work, what games based learning is & how this is better than traditional based learning.

    Both share great insights on life as an entrepreneur. The setbacks, the fun, building a team. Getting out of the comfort zone. Management styles, Quitting corporate life after 15 years and how they first met! So please enjoy the show. Stayed tuned at the end if you want to do your own podcast.

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    Ep68: Ganesh Shankar, Co-Founder of FluxGen - On Solving India’s Water Shortage Crisis

    "WHO WILL MARRY YOU!!" - Ganesh's mother's reaction to him quitting General Electric & starting his own company! This week I chat to Ganesh Shanker. The Co-Founder of FluxGen. A start-up company based in Bangalore they have developed a low-cost and local Internet of Things (IoT) solution for energy and water management (EWM). So in this podcast we talk about - how he got the idea, how it works, the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life to bootstrapping the company.

    We also talk about management styles & why the 14th February is an important date! Nothing to do with Valentine's day! Future of Indian Startups. some stats. The cultural advantages of Indian startups. He also talks about an inspirational cycling adventure from Bangalore to Goa. So please enjoy the show, Thank you!

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    Ep67: Dr. Geetha Manjunath Co-founder & CEO of NIRAMAI - On creating A novel breast cancer screening solution using AI

    Breast cancer is the largest killer for women today. So today I speak to Dr. Geetha Manjunath , co-founder & CEO of NIRAMAI a startup developing a novel breast cancer screening solution. Geetha has over 25 years in Global Research labs and has created many innovative prototypes, patents, publications and new products. Till end of 2016, she was a Lab Director and head of Xerox Data Analytics Research in India. Before that, she was a Principal Research Scientist and Research Manager at Hewlett Packard Labs India for 17 years. So in this episode she also shares her thoughts getting to grips with machine learning & AI , the reaction of the health industry, So in this episode we talk about what inspired her to do this, how it works, the business model , aims and objectives , accuracy rates , Reaction of the health industry. Geetha shares thoughts on what first time founders should be focusing on & dealing with sceptical doctors! and so much more so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep66: Umesh Soni, founder of Cowpathy - A startup looking to rule India’s cow economy with dung soap & urine toothpaste

    "Everyday I have some adventure, everyday there is something we can make something from cow dung and cow urine and Cowpathy gives me a platform to come out with my creativity and come out with products" - Umesh Soni Founder of Cowpathy.

    Today i speak to Umesh Soni the founder of Cowpathy. It is a Mumbai-based company that makes consumer products said to have high medicinal value and completely based on the cow—it uses ingredients such as dung, urine, clarified butter or ghee, and others.

    So in this podcast we talk about how he got started. What products they sell. Umesh talks about scaling the business. and what will this business look like in 10 years time and much much more so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep65: Rohit Pateria, Co-founder & CEO of Placio - On disrupting the $50B Indian Student housing market

    Out of 34 million students in higher education in India, 26.6 million migrate to cities creating demand for accommodation . So Today i speak to Rohit Pateria (@rohitpateria) Co-founder & CEO Placio , Based In Delhi. Placio is a simple and easy to use digital platform for students looking for accommodation and they are doing really well! We talk about how he got started, what problem are they trying to solve, attracting students to the platform, aims and objectives for the next 2 years ,how the business models works, how they plan to scale, and what first time founders should be focusing on and much much more so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep64: Anaka Narayanan - Founder of Brass Tacks. An economist's journey to becoming a fashion designer & entrepreneur!

    Today I speak to Anaka Narayanan an economic analyst-turned- designer & founder of Brass Tacks, a women's fashion label that uses natural and hand-crafted textiles. In this podcast we talk about how she got started. Quitting her job and taking the plunge into the world of textiles and fashion. She talks about where she gets her inspiration from. Attracting customers using social media, how she balances the management and creative side of the business. She talks about branding, & her management style, and what will fashion look like in 80 years time! and much much more so please enjoy the show!

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    Ep63: Rakesh Verma - Chairman & MD of Mapmyindia. On Making the world better through Maps & Location technologies & not having the Monday Morning Blues!

    I speak to Mr Rakesh Verma, Chairman & MD of MapmyIndia (@MapmyIndia) India’s leader in premium quality digital map data , GPS navigation, tracking, and location apps. We talk about his inspiring entrepreneurial story. Thoughts on the startup scene in India. He shares top leadership advice, he also talks about conviction , passion , happiness and not having the Monday Morning blues! And much more...please enjoy the show thanks

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    Ep62: Hitashi Garg Co-founder of Mr Needs - On creating an app that delivers all your daily essentials at your doorstep!

    This week I chat to Hitashi Garg. Co-founder of Mr Needs (@MrNeedsApp) MrNeeds, is a micro-delivery app-based subscription service that delivers milk, bread, eggs and other groceries on a daily basis to its customers. And in just eight months of its launch, they deliver approximately 1500 orders every day to 9000 customers. Which is great! So in this podcast we talk about . How he got the idea, how it works, what makes them different to the other food startups in India , his background and how they plan to scale!

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    Ep61: Parag Agarwal - Co-founder of JanaJal - On a mission to deliver clean, safe drinking water through automated hybrid water ATMs to every Indian!

    Building the worlds first water sharing economy ! . This week I chat to Parag Agarwal Co-founder of JanaJal (@JanaJalIndia) JanaJal’s aim is to leverage technology and bring safe drinking water by innovating and promoting smart drinking water solutions.Founded 4 years ago they are doing really well. So in this podcast , we talk about how they deliver safe drinking water in india. The water ATM concept, receiving a significant amount of funding. What is it like working with the Indian government? .Parag talks about his 3 decades of entrepreneurial life. The massive potential of JanJal. He shares top project management tips too & we also talk about his time working in the jungles of Indonesia to selling email connections door to door in the 1990’s! and so much more.

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    Ep60: Nihal Kashinath, Founder & CEO of Applied Singularity - Peeking into the future of Internet of things (IoT)

    Today I speak to Nihal Kashinath , founder & CEO of Applied Singularity. Applied Singularity is a platform for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They provide consultations to developers, students, startups, industry, investors and policy makers on the subjects of IoT and AI . Started 4 years ago It is now the the largest IoT-focused Meetup platform in the world!

    So in this podcast we talk about how it’s going so far, the IoT scene in India, favorite IoT projects, connected cars , teleportation , cloning , robots in the kitchen and automatic Roti and Dosa making machines ...WOW and so much more. So please enjoy the show

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    Ep59: Sudeepta Sanyal , Co-founder of The Blueberry Trails - On India's booming travel industry!

    Summer is just around the corner! which means that it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. So today I speak to Sudeepta Sanyal the co-founder of The Blueberry Trails. The Blueberry Trails specializes in personalized holidays to locations within India and around the world. She left her day job at 26 to commit to her travel bug and cater to group travelers to exotic destinations. So in this podcast we talk about how the platform works, favorite holiday destinations, the booming Indian travel industry , best flight/holiday websites to use. We talk about female entrepreneurship and what she is like as a boss and much much more so please enjoy the show!!

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    Ep58: Suresh Shanker, Co-founder of Crayon Data on simplying the worlds choices!

    Today I chat to Suresh Shanker, co-founder of Crayon Data (@CrayonBigData). Crayon Data enables consumers to make more satisfying choices and helps traditional enterprises engage their customers. Currently, the three year old company’s clients span sectors such as hospitality, retail, banking, telecommunication and media and advertising sectors in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. In this podcast - we talk about how he got started, How the platform works. The roller coaster ride as a entrepreneur, how big do they want to go with this. What’s left for Suresh to achieve? What has surprised him during his long entrepreneurial journey? We also talk about climbing mountains, writing a book and an interesting story about a Chinese bamboo tree and much more!

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    Ep57: Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder & CTO of Qubole on Big data & why it matters!

    90% of all data we have ever created has been generated in the last 2 years! So what do we do with it? Today my guest is Joydeep Sen Sarma, Cofounder, CTO of Qubole. Qubole is a $50 million Series C funded company helping enterprises take full advantage of the cloud to make processing more accessible in an enterprise setting while reducing complexity and cost. Joydeep is ex-Facebook data scientist and led the data infrastructure project at Facebook. So he is the right person to talk to on big data!

    In this podcast - we talk about what inspired him to get started. , How the platform works, a deep dive into what big data is , life at Facebook , advice for first time founders and how you can get into the big data industry and some Mark Zuckerberg chat as well and much much more

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    Ep56: Yuvraj Krishan Sharma - Co-founder of KOMPANIONS - On bringing back the joy of learning using Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

    I chat to Yuvraj Krishan Sharma. Co-founder of KOMPANIONS (@your_kompanions) KOMPANIONS is an ed-tech company. creating innovative educational products using augmented reality & virtual reality, exciting stuff. So in this episode we talk about how he got started. How it’s going so far, how it works. Why they are doing this. targets for next year , how to get into the VR space. He also shares a great story about taking 800 students on a VR trip into space. and finally some Rahul Dravid chat as well.

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    Ep55: Carlos Fernandes, Founder & CEO of Blaze - On building India's biggest Bot!

    We are talking about bots with My guest Carlos Fernandes. founder & CEO of Blaze. Blaze is an exciting chat bot that delivers trending information through your cellphone. In this podcast Carlos talks how he came up with the idea, we discuss Why bots? , Who its for, how big do they want to go and qualities an entrepreneur must have if they are going to succeed. Some chat about Singapore , and finally very useful information on product market fit.

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    Ep54: Ravi Trivedi - Top Angel Investor & founder of Push Engage & CouponRani

    My guest today is Ravi Trivedi. founder of Push Engage & CouponRani. He is also a successful angel investor. Push Engage is a push notification platform for browsers . And CouponRani is one of india’s top Coupon Site. So in this podcast Ravi talks about he got started , advice on how you can grow your user base. , pricing strategies, We also talk about his angel investing. What he looks for when investing in companies, Favorite startups in India. What he likes and dislikes about startups. And Playing the piano and his ideal dinner guests.

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    Ep53: Rahul Chovva - CEO of - A non-profit organization helping people raise money for Indian NGO projects online.

    My guest is Rahul Chovva. The CEO of LetzChange is an online giving website helping you leverage your social network to raise funds for the causes you believe in. Since launching they are doing really well partnering with 200 nonprofits across India. In this episode we talk about how the platform works, examples of really interesting crowdfunding campaigns in rural India. How much Money they have raised. The State of the crowdfunding industry in India. An exciting initiative called Giving Premier League

    He talks about plans for the future . The hardest part about building this business. And Rahul share his tips on creating your own crowdfunding campaign. And we have some Meryl Streep, painting & food chat as well!

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    Ep52: Mansi Zaveri - Founder of Kidsstoppress , on creating India's most trusted, award winning parenting website.

    Today I chat to Mansi Zaveri - founder of Kidsstoppress. (@Kidsstoppress) is India’s leading parenting website this is an amazing site that has its pulse on everything today’s parents want to know. We talk about what inspired her to do this, the early days. Mansi reflects on what she has learned on her roller-coaster journey so far! And discusses the top 3 priorities in their life - its very interesting!

    Mansi shares her 15 experience in branding , content and all things digital marketing she talks about her life as a solo founder and a full time mother , and some Oprah Winfrey and food chat as well

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    Ep51: Satanik Roy : Co-founder & CPO of Yibeal -On creating India's first Online 2 Offline Marketplace for pre-owned phones and tablets,

    In this week’s episode I chat to Satanik Roy. Co-founder and Chief product officer at Yibeal , Yibeal stands for Yes its’ a big deal and they are an Online-2-Offline marketplace to buy/sell pre-owned smartphones with warranty and insurance based in Calcutta. Since launching The have gone through a tech accelerator and have a won a number of awards. So they are doing really well!

    We talk about what inspired him to start this journey, How it works, plans for the future, and his day to day role , what he learned from his first startup ,plans for the next 2 years. We also talk about his interest in poetry and some Steve jobs chat … please enjoy the show!

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    Ep50: Deepak Srinivasan : Co-founder of Crofters , on tackling the water crisis in India with IOT based farming!

    Today we talking about IOT (Internet of things) based farming with my guest Deepak Srinivasan.(@thisis_ads) the co-founder of Crofters. Crofters's have created a flagship ecosystem which is an integrated aqua gardening system which helps you with fresh food farmed in the convenience of your very living room. Amazing stuff.

    So in this episode we talk about how he and his co-fcunder got started. how it works. State of the IOT industry at the moment in Indian . Production plans , nice example of senior citizens using the product ,Partnering with Teach for India. And Deepak shares his advice on getting early adopters. And some Elon musk chat.

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    Ep49: Ishu Bansal - Co-founder of TruckSuvidha on building India's leading portal for the transportation and trucking Industry

    India has the 2nd largest road network in the world. The Indian trucking industry is currently valued at $130 Bn and there are approximately 5.6 Mn on road vehicles transporting 80% of the country’s freight. So Today i speak to Ishu Bansal co-founder of TruckSuvidha . TruckSuvidha is a online Portal for transportation & trucking Industry. Through this portal one can find the real-time availability of trucks and loads. So in this episode we talk about how he got started, the early days, plans for the future. His inspirational dad, coding for Ice cream & candy! and convincing transporters to use the system. And some cooking and travel chat!

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    Ep48: Prashanto Das - Co-founder of PING , on building the TV network of the future.

    3.8 Billion videos are being consumed in India every month! So my guest today is Prashanto Das (@prashantodas) - Co-founder of Ping Network. PING is India’s largest studio multi channel network creating original engaging video content across genres of food, music, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming.

    In this episode we talk about how he got started , talk about his very own Jerry Maguire moment, life as a hard core creative . What first time founders should be focusing on , the most surprising thing he has learned about his crazy roller coaster journey so far. Work life balance & challenges.

    Prashanto talks about his leadership style, tips on negotiation. Advice on dealing with setbacks , Favorite TV shows. And how you can start your own YouTube channel! And much more..Please enjoy the show

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    Ep47: Nitin Sood - Co-founder of Happy Shappy on creating an online platform to make Indian weddings a little bit easier!

    Are you planning your Big Fat Indian Wedding this year! Well In this week’s episode I chat to Nitin Sood. Co-founder of Happy Shappy. Based in Delhi, Happy Shappy is a one stop shop for all things for Indian weddings. Since launching last year they are doing really well. As a first time founder Nitin shares his rollercoaster journey so far

    We talk about what inspired him to start this journey, his previous life in Washington D.C. The vision of the company, plans for the future, and he also shares his top tips on how you can plan your wedding! Very important stuff and much more … please enjoy the show!

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    Ep46: kumar Srivatsan - Co-Founder of OptaCredit on creating an A.I - Powered, Data-Driven Online Lender providing credit to millions across India.

    A majority of the Indian population find it difficult to get credit! So today I speak with Kumar Srivatsan who is on a mission to change this. he is the co-founder of OptaCredit an AI powered data driven online lender providing credit to people across India. .Since demonetization they have seen an 300% increase in application and were mention in Forbes. So they are doing really well!

    So in this podcast we talk about how he got started, What is A.I? , demonetization in India , how it actually works, why formal credit is hard to get in India. The vision of the company , Kumar also tells me what first time founders should be focussing on.

    So in this podcast we talk about how he got started, What is A.I? , demonetization in India , how it actually works, why formal credit is hard to get in India. The vision of the company. Kumar also tells me what first time founders should be focussing on. Please enjoy the show.

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    Ep45: Divya Nambiar - Founder of Unniyarcha, on building an international fashion jewelry label

    Today I speak with Divya Nambiar Founder of Unniyarcha a revolutionary fashion jewelry label based in Bangalore , the brand offers a range of fusion jewelry, which is a unique mix of traditional and contemporary designs.

    So in this podcast we talk about what inspired her to do this, how it’s going so far, what keeps her awake at night , social responsibility. Her management style, time spent at Columbia university, long term goals, she also shares her advice on how to build a brand and much much more . Please enjoy the show.

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    Ep44: Ashwin Damera - Co-Founder & Member of the Academic Board of EMERITUS . On making quality education accessible to the next generation of leaders across the world

    Today I speak with Ashwin Damera Co-Founder and Member of the Academic Board of EMERITUS an edtech start-up. They have developed an executive education model based on the leadership and management training needs of mid-management employees. They work with top tier business schools and bring their programs to markets like India, Middle East & Singapore.

    So in this podcast we talk what inspired him to do this. , life as a startup founder. , online education, we also talk about his previous startup Travelguru a company that was later acquired by Travelocity in 2009. And his amazing two years spent at Harvard University and much much so please enjoy the show.

  40. Thumb 1476646465 artwork

    Ep43: Sanchit Malik- Co-founder of Townscript - On creating India's leading event registration & ticketing platform

    This week I chat to Sanchit Malik (@maliksanchit) co-founder of Townscript. Townscript is India's leading self serve event registration and ticketing platform. launched in late 2013 they have served more than 9500+ events majorly in India and other countries like US, Singapore, Australia. We talk about how he got started. startup culture, what he has learned from being an entrepreneur to what excites him most about this startup. And much more. Please enjoy the show!

  41. Thumb 1475949495 artwork

    Ep42: Shruti Gandhi- Managing Partner at Array Ventures on solving impactful problems using technology

    Today I chat to Shruti Gandhi, (@atShruti) . Shruti is the managing partner at Array Ventures. Array Ventures is a VC firm based in the U.S. which focuses on solving impactful problems using revolutionary technology. We talk about her operational & investment experience, life in Silicon Valley , machine learning, what she looks for when investing in startups & what first time founders should be focusing on.

  42. Thumb 1475582083 artwork

    Ep41: Lokendra Ranawat - Founder of Wooden Street - On creating india's first e-commerce custom built online furniture company.

    Based in the beautiful city of Udaipur. Wooden Street is a startup that creates e-commerce custom built online furniture and they growing really fast 150% month on month. According to Lokendra 90% of the furniture market is still unorganized and the market is potentially worth $20 billion

    So in this podcast, we talk about how he got started, how they deal with with the offline competition , obstacles and challenges and his favorite piece of furniture a dining table that turns into a pool table , amazing stuff. . please enjoy show!

  43. Thumb 1474909772 artwork

    Ep40: Deepak Goel - Founder of KarmaCircles - On building a peer to peer social learning platform & mentoring over 1,000 people around the world!

    Today I talk to Deepak Goel, founder of KarmaCircles, (@KarmaCircles) a peer to peer social learning platform. They have developed a really cool mobile-first platform in which you can send a request for a meeting, schedule, interact and thank other professionals for helping you through a KarmaNote

    We talk about how he got started , how the app works and why he is REALLY passionate about KarmaCircles .We also talk about his amazing experiences from working in Silicon valley to mentoring over a thousand entrepreneurs around the world over the last six years. Special Offer If you want schedule some time with Deepak go to download the app & mention The Indian Startup Show and Deepak will help you!. Please enjoy the show!

  44. Thumb 1471376542 artwork

    Ep39: Vivek Bajaj - Founder of Kredent Academy - On building India's top financial engagement eco-system

    The need for strong financial literacy and financial analytics is very important for complete engagement of citizen of any country ! And In this week’s episode I chat to Vivek Bajaj . Founder of Kredent Academy (@KredentAcademy) and StockEdge (@stockedge) . Kredent Academy is one of the foremost professional training institutes in India with focus on finance and capital markets. Anyone can become a financial market expert through practical oriented learning and strong hold on analytics.

    We talk about how he got started. developing content across multiple languages , plans for expansion in South East Asia , vision of the company. Vivek has created an amazing analytics platform for the Indian stock market (stockedge) which already has 25,000 downloads in 2.5 months. With a background in accountancy and building a number of business over the years he gives us excellent financial & recruitment advice if you're thinking about starting your own business.

  45. Thumb 1467994360 artwork

    Ep38: Prashant Surana - Founder & CEO of Snapper Technologies - On building a hyper-glocal marketplace in India.

    In this week’s episode I chat to Prashant Surana the Founder & CEO of Snapper Technologies (@snappertechnol1) These guys are building a cool platform that allows you to try goods before you buy ranging from apparel to electronic gadgets. There ultimate aim is to revolutionize the retails sector in India , very ambitious! In this conversation we also talk about how the platform works. Plans for expansion . Prashant also shares great insights on life as an entrepreneur.

  46. Thumb 1467131558 artwork

    Ep37: Chamutal Afek-Eitam - Founder & CEO of 3 Million Club - On Integrating Technology into the Humanitarian Sector

    Today we are talking about how to integrate technology into the humanitarian sector with my special guest Chamutal Afek-Eitam, Founder & CEO of 3 Million Club (@3millionclub) The 3 Million Club is the for life saving products for the humanitarian sector. Since launching they have saved over 2,500 children.

    Chamutal has over 17 years working in the humanitarian sector and in this show we talk about , where the idea came from , how the product works, working in India , plans for the future & how you can get involved.

  47. Thumb 1466436414 artwork

    Ep36: Neha Gupta, Founder of - On creating a simple & intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages

    In this week’s episode I chat to Neha Gupta. Founder of Lipikaar (@lipikaar). Lipikaar is a simple and intuitive typing tool for all Indian languages. So this tool works on common text editors like MS Office, website and browser plugins, as well as keyboard app for Android phones as well. In this conversation we also talk about, ­ how she got started , time spent working at Amazon, launching the Lipikaar app this year, the app already has 100,000 downloads. Neha also gives great advice on B2B sales, networking (be persistent!) and creating a product from scratch ... please enjoy the show!

  48. Thumb 1465760312 artwork

    Ep35: Vidya Vellala - Founder & CEO of on providing online customer support in a faster way!

    In this week’s episode I chat to Vidya Vellala . Founder & CEO of Evayadesk (@EvayaDesk)
    Evayadesk is a software as a service product providing help desk software solutions for businesses around the world. Vidya built the software herself and now she has a team of 4. We talk about how she got started. Her engineering background, The number of businesses signed up. vision of the company , plans for the future, to her inspirational mother & more!. Viday's advice on learning to code "There is nothing we cannot learn in this world!"

  49. Thumb 1464096125 artwork

    Ep34: Shuchi Pandya - Founder & CEO of Pipa + Bella

    This week I speak to Shuchi Pandya. Founder & CEO of Pipa + Bella, an online jewellery e-commerce platform offering fashion jewellery to women across India. Started 2 years ago they are growing really fast & have raised funding So in this conversation we talk about how she got started, What’s it like being a founder, information on how to raise funding! , what to put in you slide deck and collaborating with social influencers & celebrities.

  50. Thumb 1463863501 artwork

    Ep33: Daniel Becerra - Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Grid. Providing mobile power & internet connectivity to millions of people.

    Today I chat to Daniel Becerra Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Grid (@BuffaloGrid). BuffaloGrid uses solar energy to provide mobile power and internet services to off-grid communities around the world. Their aim is to provide customers with increased connectivity so they are better informed and connected.

    We talk about how he got started. How it actually works. The social innovation scene, fund raising and their work within rural African & Indian communities. In this conversation we also talk about,

  51. Thumb 1463403887 artwork

    Ep32: Anirban Poddar - Founder & CEO of ShopHop on building a marketplace for natural home-grown foods & wellness products

    In this week’s episode I chat to Anirban Poddar. Founder & CEO of ShopHop (@ShophopIndia)
    ShopHop is an e-commerce platform which serves as a curated marketplace for natural, artisanal ,home-grown foods and wellness products. Since launching in January they are growing 100% month on month!

    We talk about how he got started. How many orders they get. Advice on how to pitch to investors because they won Pitch 2 Start competition. We talk about what first time founders should be focussing on , plans for the future. We also discuss Bacon ice cream & what he does on a Sunday!

    in this conversation we also talk about,

  52. Thumb 1462388054 artwork

    Ep31: Vishal Shah - Founder & CEO of Haute Chef

    In this week’s episode I chat to Vishal Shah. Founder & CEO of Haute Chef (@HauteChefIndia)
    Haute Chef is a unique "meal kit" concept, They send a box of pre-measured, labeled ingredients along with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on putting together a truly gourmet dish in your home kitchen. And they are doing a couple of thousand orders month.

    Prior to founding Haute Chef, Vishal was an investment banker based in New York and London working with a multinational bank for over a decade.

    We talk about what inspired him to start this journey, his life on Wall Street. The vision of the company, to mistakes he sees first time founders make & plans for the future and much more … please enjoy the show!

  53. Thumb 1461525223 artwork

    Ep30: Anu Acharya Founder & CEO of Mapmygenome on promoting healthy living by understanding the role of genetics

    Today I chat to Anu Acharya (@anuacharya) , The founder & CEO of (@mapmygenome). Based in Hyderabad - Mapmygenome, is a startup engaged in developing genomics solutions for predictive diagnosis and prognosis, using DNA testing. The company raised $1.1 million in a pre-Series A funding round earlier this year. So we talk about how she got started , the state of the genome industry & what excites her most about Mapmygenome

  54. Thumb 1460906840 artwork

    Ep29: Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of Cubeit

    Today I chat to Sarthak Jain , The Co-Founder & CEO of Cubeit (@cubeitdotio). Based in Bangalore - Cubeit is a mobile application which lets you collect content from any source in one place and makes it easy to organise and share. The team raised seed funding from Accel Partners & Helion Venture Partners with a product demo and not an actual product. So we talk about how he got started , launching & marketing apps to useful advice on dealing with those negative app store reviews!

  55. Thumb 1459965808 artwork

    Ep28: Vinay Mathews, Co-Founder & COO of Faircent on building India's Largest Peer To Peer Lending Marketplace.

    The future of banking in India is changing! and in this week’s episode I chat to Vinay Mathews , Co-founder & COO of Faircent (@faircent1) India's Largest Peer To Peer Lending Marketplace. This is a virtual marketplace that allows you to borrow and lend money directly, without having to go through the traditional financial intermediaries like banks, and with the estimated 50% of Indian population without bank accounts it's a credit starved market so it's no surprise they are doing really well!

    We talk about what inspired him to do this , overcoming obstacles and current challenges . the current state of the lending marketplace in India to what the banks think of the concept. Vinay has over 20 years experience building online marketplaces, so shares his top tips on what first time founders should be focussing on and much more ..please enjoy the show!

  56. Thumb 1458331018 artwork

    Ep27: Neha Motwani, founder & CEO of Fitternity

    Today I chat to Neha Motwani , the founder & CEO of Fitternity. Fitternity, is a discovery platform for workout classes and other fitness services based in Mumbai. The platform allows users to book free trials with exercise classes, personal trainers, and nutritionists.

    We talk about a number of topics including how she got started to raising $1Million in VC funding . Neha also talks about the vision of the company & Fitternity’s interesting hiring process!

  57. Thumb 1457709589 artwork

    Ep26: Vamsi Krishna, Co-founder & CEO of Vedantu

    Today I talk to Vamsi Krishna, co-founder & CEO of Vedantu (@vedantu_learn)

    Based in Bangalore, Vedantu are a Live Online Tutoring platform that aims to ‘personalize’ and ‘democratize’ learning in India.

    Vedantu is one of the pioneers of LIVE online personalized tutoring in India and operates on the ‘marketplace of teachers’ model. And they are doing an amazing job so far!

    Vamsi started his career teaching kids , whose parents worked at a sulphuric processing plant. in Barnala, Punjab

    We talk about a number of topics including how he got started to raising $5m dollars in funding .The vision of the company , what excites him most about Vedantu. We also talk about the fundraising process. What VCs are looking for. And core challenges the company is facing

  58. Thumb 1457122138 artwork

    Ep25: Faheem Gill - Founder of Dashroad

    Today I talk to Faheem Gill the founder of Dashroad. (@dashroad). Based in UAE, Dashroad focuses on bringing out the data from cars to help build a platform of connected car applications. This is done with a plug-and-play dashroad dongle that captures trip data and turns into valuable insights for the car owner.

    We talk about how he got started, his time spent working for Honda, Toyota and Silicon Valley, driver analytics and the startup scene in the UAE and much much more!

  59. Thumb 1456509004 artwork

    Ep24: Shilpi Kapoor - Founder of BarrierBreak

    We talk tech for people with disabilities, with our guest Shilpi Kapoor, founder of Barrierbreak. Barrierbreak provides accessibility and assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities.

    We talk about how she got started , her brand new app called Newzhook NewzHook is the first mobile news app that is accessible to blind & visually impaired users, deaf users and senior citizens.

    We also talk wearables, recent innovations ,her frustrations and her upcoming conference Techshare a national-level conference that focuses on creating a digitally-inclusive society

  60. Thumb 1456007267 artwork

    Ep23: Varun Sheth - Co-Founder of Ketto

    Today we are going to talk about crowdfunding with my guest Varun Sheth, the co-founder of Ketto (@ketto). Ketto is an online crowdfunding website for individuals, NGOs and businesses to raise money for their favorite causes and creative projects.

  61. Thumb 1454696172 artwork

    Ep22: Swaathi Kakarla - Co-Founder of Skcript

    Swaathi Kakarla (@imswaathik) is the Co-founder of Skcript , a company based in Chennai. Skcript develops a product called Shrink which uses machine learning and compression algorithms to minimize files to the smallest possible size for enterprise customers around the world.

    Swaathi talks about her roller coaster journey from running the company in a car to launching the product at Gitex in Dubai. She also talks about working on a video streaming product that can handle 8K video resolution with real time compression.

  62. Thumb 1453978610 artwork

    Ep21: Intro to UX: Raveesh Bhalla, Founder Partner of AppsCulture.

    Today we are going to talk about UX (User experience) with my guest Raveesh Bhalla (@raveeshbhalla) Raveesh is the founder partner of AppsCulture (@Appsculture). Which is a brand new design consultancy.

    In this conversation, we talk about:

    What is UX? His own process Current challenges The next big trend in the UX design industry Interesting projects he has worked on his favorite UX tools, websites & apps and much more…

    If you have subscribed to The Indian Startup Show. I would love your opinions & feedback so far. Go to Fill in the google form, it only takes 60 secs. Please be honest.

  63. Thumb 1452873088 artwork

    Ep20: Dev Arora , Founder of 8Minutes.

    Today we are going to talk about Clean Technology with my guest Dev Arora who is the founder of 8Minutes (@8MinutesSolar)

    8Minutes is on a mission to revolutionize the solar energy sector by helping homeowners and businesses make the transition to solar energy.

    We cover a lot of ground, including:

    What is clean technology How he got the idea The state of the indian clean technology scene in 2016 (its like the 1980’s!) How big the market is in India Great marketing advice if you don’t have a budget! Advice on anyone wanting to start a clean tech company His favorite books And much more…


    Twitter - @8MinutesSolar Website - Contact -

  64. Thumb 1452277292 artwork

    Ep19: Neetal Parekh , Founder & CEO of Innov8social

    Today I speak with Neetal Parekh (@neetal_parekh) Founder & CEO of Innov8social. An online platform to make it easier for people to engage in the social impact space. Neetal has over a decade of experience in corporate, education, nonprofit, government, and social enterprise.

    A passionate advocate for social entrepreneurship and impact innovation, Neetal believes that this field empowers us to creatively re-imagine how businesses and individuals can create meaningful impact and lasting value.

    She is the host of the Innov8social Podcast, featuring interviews with thinkers and doers in the social impact space. She is also an adviser to social enterprise startups and as a mentor at the Sustainability Innovations Lab at GSVlabs. She has been selected as a Starting Bloc Fellow for 2016.

    We talk about how she got started. how YOU can get started with social enterprise to her volunteering work in India with her mother.

    She also talks about her time as a mentor inspiring social entrepreneurs during the Startup Tech For Good Week in San Francisco last year.

  65. Thumb 1450804159 artwork

    Ep18: Charanjeev Salva, Founder of

    Today I speak to Charanjeev Salva, (@theflyingsikh) Founder of SinghStyled. The world's first style store created exclusively for the Sikh community. The team handpicks and curates a special subscription box every month with Turbans, styling, grooming and lifestyle products.

    We talk about how he got the idea, The importance of the Turban , how he & team goes about curating products, to plans for the future. They launched around 3 months ago and are doing really well. Its an interesting fact 68% of purchases are actually made by non-Sikhs. So listen in to find out why!

  66. Thumb 1449864054 artwork

    Ep17: From Poverty to the Moon: Naveen Jain, Billionaire , Founder & CEO of Moon Express

    Naveen Jain (@Naveen_Jain_CEO), is a billionaire, and founder of World Innovation Institute, Intelius, Moon Express, inome and Infospace. He is also a trustee of the board at the X Prize Foundation, where he focuses on finding entrepreneurial solutions to challenges in education, poverty, agriculture, health and clean water.

    We talk about Moon Express which plans to send a rocket tho the moon as a business venture to collect minerals and resources and bring them back to earth. We also talk about his new project Blue Dot and his time at the XPRIZE Foundation

    Naveen pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. We also talk about what makes a good leader, the one thing founders should be focusing, the best advice he ever received, to whether there is life on Mars.

    Great episode!

  67. Thumb 1449170837 artwork

    Ep16: Ryan Chadha, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Jigyasa School

    Today we have Ryan Chadha (@RyanChadha) the co-founder of an international pre-school called Jigyasa in Bangalore, India. Jigyasa is a state-of-the-art preschool which offers a mixed age environment which encourages children to work and play collaboratively,

    Ryan Started the school with his mother over 2 years ago with 5 kids an not much money! But they now have over 30 kids and doing really well. They are now looking at developing their own educational apps in the future.

    Ryan is also an accomplished sportsperson, having represented the UAE at all age group levels for first class cricket. So we talk about scoring hundreds, to dealing with screaming kids.

    Enjoy the show!


    Website: Facebook:

  68. Thumb 1448049787 artwork

    Ep15: Ferdinand Kjærulff, Founder & CEO of CodersTrust

    Ferdinand Kayulff, is the founder & CEO of CodersTrust. Coderstrust provides micro-finance for underprivileged talents to upgrade their coding skills, so they can earn more money on freelance portals. They have trained many developers in Bangladesh, India & Kenya.

    Ferdinand was also a Captain of the Danish army he served as recovery officer in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussain . He pioneered a recovery project with the allied forces, bringing internet and e-learning to the citizens of the region in which he was stationed. The project was a massive success and inspired him to eventually create CodersTrust!

  69. Thumb 1447411062 artwork

    Ep14: Barbara Maim. Co-founder and CEO of Minsh

    Barbara Maim is the Co-founder and CEO of Minsh, a community messaging system, a private social network with your own customised brand. In 2008, she co-founded Minsh, and a few years later, in June 2011, she moved from Lausanne to Bangalore with her husband and Co-founder, Jon. We talk about her time in India, working with her husband ,and plans for the future. Enjoy the Show.


  70. Thumb 1446892195 artwork

    Ep13: Amar Vyas. Author of NRI:Now, Returned to India

    Today I speak with Amar Vyas (@amarauthor). He is an author, a soon to be podcaster, and is a self-described nomad, who has lived in fifteen cities over the past twenty years in two continents. Somewhere in this timespan life he went to graduate school at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and business school at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Amar's debut novel NRI:Now, Returned to India was published in August 2014. NRI is the first in a four part series featuring the protagonist Amol Dixit and it is a humorous tale of woes experienced by Amol when he returns to India in haste.

    We talk about the book , his life in America and India., The fiction scene in India, his new podcast and his plans for the future. Enjoy the show!

  71. Thumb 1446213559 artwork

    Ep12: Anne Kjær Riechert Co-Founder of Refugees on Rails

    With the ongoing refugees crisis in Europe i chat to Anne Riechart co-founder of Refugees on Rails. A coding school for refugees based in Berlin, Germany . Their aim is to help refugees to build and expand their qualification as software developers and provide them the opportunity to work with startups and tech companies.

    They only started 6 weeks ago and they have over 200 volunteers. Germany has been particularly welcoming and innovative when it comes to refugees.

    We talk about how this got started , aims and objectives, her time spent in Japan and plans for the future.

    key takeaway

    no matter how bad life gets there are people like Anne who will will help you!


    Website: twitter: @RefugeesOnRails

  72. Thumb 1445539120 artwork

    Ep11: Kavita Kapoor - Technologist & Author of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kaam

    Today I am joined by Kavita Kapoor (@kavitakapoor) who is the author of a new book called Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kaam.

    The book is based on her first hand experience across India. The book helps young professionals answer their questions and navigate the dynamic ever changing work space. So if you are struggling with what to do next in your life , then please listen.

    We talk about a wide range of subjects from her experiences of leadership and mentorships , what makes a good boss, what happens if your boss is not very good , her side projects , blogging, entrepreneurship to women in tech.

    Enjoy the show.


  73. Thumb 1445181872 artwork

    Ep10 - Devin Miller - Lead engineer at NextDrop

    In this episode I talk with Devin Miller , the lead engineer at NextDrop a startup based in Bangalore. Nextdrop is a for-profit enterprise with a social mission, they want to rid the world of its water problems.

    Devin is originally from America studying computer science but decided to quit to try and come over to to India and to tackle India’s water issues. We talk about how it works, how they attract customers, his first impressions of India and plans for the future.

  74. Thumb 1443799811 artwork

    Ep09 - Pushkar Gaikwad - The Founder of AeroLeads

    “SOFTWARE is eating the world,” proclaimed Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz. So this week I speak to Pushkar Gaikwad the founder of AeroLeads, a prospect and lead generation software tool.

    Pushkar has bootstrapped this SaaS (software as a service) company for the last 6 months & now has over 1500 B2B customers. around the world Generating revenue.

  75. Thumb 1441996590 artwork

    Ep08- Reema Sathe - Founder of Happy Roots

    Reema Sathe is the founder of Happy Roots. Happy Roots is an initiative helping small & tribal organic farmers build high value alternate income sources. Did you know more than 50% of people in India still depend on agriculture for their earnings. She started out as a chemical engineer for a big corporation and then quit to follow her dreams of helping farmers in her region. Since launching she has created her first commercial pilot scheme and produced over 1000 organic eggs, which she supply's to high end restaurants in Pune



    Twitter : @reema_sathe

    Facebook :

  76. Thumb 1441360733 artwork

    Ep07- Krishna Yogi - Founder of Maptags

    Addresses in India are so confusing!

    So, In this podcast I speak to Krishna Yogi the founder of Maptags. who has come up with a simple, innovate solution to this problem!

    Maptags is a web application that shortens your address to your favourite word & makes sharing address as easy as sharing a word. All you need is a smartphone and a GPS signal.

    Krishna started this entrepreneurial journey 5 months ago. He and his team have attracted 4,000 users from across the globe. Reached $1500 in revenue. Over 20,000 map tags have already been taken.

    I interviewed Krishna , while on holiday! We talk about his journey so far, the best moments. The huge potential of Maptags around the world. Maptags have also created a marketplace so you buy and sell tags. Krishna also shares his advice on launching your on startup.

  77. Thumb 1441098442 artwork

    Ep06- Stewart Noakes - Co-Founder of Tech Hub Bangalore & Boston

    Joining me today is Stewart Noakes, Co-founder of TechHubs in Bangalore & Boston. TechHub creates spaces around the world for tech entrepreneurs to meet, work, learn and collaborate, and runs a load of great events, advice sessions and more.

    Stewart is a successful entrepreneur and wanted to start a give back project to the people of Bangalore. So Stewart brought TechHub to India. At the time it was the first step for them outside of Europe.

    Launched in June 2014 with an empty room, no chairs with the words IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN! painted on the walls. . They have grown to over 400 members+ and is now one of the top co-working spaces in India.

    Stewart shares his inspiration and experiences of being the co-founder of TechHubs in Bangalore & Boston along with some of the challenges & opportunities of working in Bangalore where:

    -- 80,000 IT graduates come out of Bangalore alone.

    -- startups Received $2.7 Billion in funding last year

    -- 37% of all IT spend of India goes through Bangalore.

    We also talk about his own entrepreneur journey & his most memorable moments so far.

  78. Thumb 1441048318 artwork

    Ep05 - Arik Marmorstein - Entrepreneur & Founder of Refresh Box

    Arik Marmorstein is the founder of Refresh Box. Refresh box enables people to subscribe or create 5-link-collection newsletters.

    Think of it like a platform for newsletters. So anyone can subscribe or create different newsletters.

    It’s currently a side project with two friends & its getting great traction. Since launching Refresh box has 2500 users , 530 curators and more than 7,000 subscriptions. All without spending any money on marketing! It recently got featured on TechCrunch.

  79. Thumb 1440268568 artwork

    Ep04 - Bilal Budhani - Entrepreneur & Developer at CrowdFire

    In today’s podcast I interviewed Bilal Budhani entrepreneur and now a developer at CrowdFire. We discuss his break in the startup world. How he become young entrepreneur of the year in 2013.

    Bilal talks about his experience of running his own startups. How he become a self taught developer in the cyber cafes in Mumbai to working at CrowdFire. A tool for social analytics & social publishing. Which has over 11 million users and a series A funding.

  80. Thumb 1439824663 artwork

    Ep03 - Sahil Arora - Entrepreneur & Founder of Vuzelaa

    i talked with Sahil Arora - Entrepreneur & Founder of Vuzelaa. Sahil is a 17 year old entrepreneur who raised $40,000 while still at school!. Vuzelaa is an iPhone app which uses retina recognition for logging into social media and other cool stuff. I talk about the highs & lows of being an entrepreneur.

    We discuss the future of social networking. How he manages a team of 14 staff & pitching a VC during at school break. It’s full of practical advice , useful ideas for anyone building an app with no design or coding knowledge.

  81. Thumb 1439632099 artwork

    EP 02 - Deepak Abbot - Mobile Growth at Times Internet

    i talked with Deepak Abbot - head of mobile growth at Times Internet part of the Times of India corporation. One of the largest media houses in the world. Learn how he and his team manage the growth and analytics of 14 + mobile apps & 50+ million users

    Deepak talks about his decision-making methods, techniques, and processes including retention and referral strategies. A recent trip to Google HQ in mountain view. It’s full of practical advice , useful ideas for anyone looking at promoting an app in India

  82. Thumb 1439307827 artwork

    EP01 - Harshdeep Singh - Founder of Wrapitup

    In this the first episode of the Indian Startup show, we talk to Harshdeep, a young entrepreneur from Pune, India. He spent the last 3 years building an iPhone App, called Wrap it up. And at 6ft 8 the tallest person i have ever interviewed!. We talk about why he prefers to be anti-social. What kept him going during the last 3 years. Why he read Steve Jobs autobiography 10 times! and his 15 day coding streak.

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